Go green with an EcoCabin: a solar or wind powered cabin getaway.

EcoCabin with solar panels



Eco-Cabins make a great place to get away, to stage a hunting trip, or have a woodsy office or second home. Make your cabin a quiet, rejuvenating place for both yourself and the environment. EcoCabins come with built-in sources of renewable energy: solar or wind power. Let your cabin be powered with clean, quiet, pollution free energy. Our cabins are designed with totally off-the-grid, grid-tied, or short-term emergency systems. Browse through our website for ideas and contact us to learn more about EcoCabins.

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Cabin Styles
We offer standard plans or custom cabin designs.

Solar power for your cabin

Solar Cabin Power
Solar power is clean, quiet, and increases your property value.

Solar water heat for your cabin

Solar Water Heater
Enjoy hot cabin water with solar water heat.

Wind power for your cabin

Wind Cabin Power
Power your cabin with a renewable engery source, wind.

Inverter systems for your cabin

Inverter Systems
Battery backup systems for standby power.